John Wick is Neo After All

#johnwick #matrix Doesn't matter if John Wick's life clock is ticking in Chapter 2's only the beginning

UFC 208 Livestream

Let's get it on! #UFC208 UFC 208 Livestream
***wait for the x marks then close the advertisements***

Defying the Odds

This instagram post is the hottest topic at the moment 

Top Youtube Channels

Who the F watch these type of videos? seriously?
now, this one is way way better!
I'd rather follow this youtube channel than that 1st one smh

1. PewDiePie
2. HolaSoyGerman
3. JustinBieberVEVO
4. YouTube Spotlight
5. RihannaVEVO
6. elrubiusOMG
7. Smosh
8. OneDirectionVEVO
9. TaylorSwiftVEVO
 10. EminemVEVO
11. KatyPerryVEVO

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