American Idol Season 8 Finale Texts Cheat

It's not only YOU who got surprise when Kris Allen's name was proclaimed as the American Idol season 8 winner, many American Idol fans get stuck on their chairs too. Kris Allen was announced the winner of the competition on May 20, 2009, defeating runner-up Adam Lambert after nearly 100 million votes, the highest recorded vote total in the history of the show. Adam Lambert is one of the highest rated contestants in season 8, Rock group Queen, with whom Lambert performed on the season finale, are said to be considering asking Lambert to be their new frontman. Kris Allen on the other hand is the underdog at the finale.

Here is the texts cheat came from; during the finale night AT&T provided phones for free text-messaging services at two Allen parties in Arkansas on the night of the finals. AT&T reps showed texters on how to power text or to cast 10 votes per text. I think power texting violates the rules of American Idol.

How power texting works:

Must have a cell phone on AT&T. If you don’t have one, you can pick up a Go Phone for about $30 at Target, WalMart, or Best Buy.
Must have unlimited text plan.

Create ten contacts in your cell phone (idol1, idol2, idol3, so-on and so-forth.).

Create a contact group (also known as a distribution list) and name it something like “My American Idol” and add your contacts (idol1, idol2, etc.) to the group. If you don’t know how to do that, check the manual for your phone or go to the AT&T Support Site
Add the voting number for (your chosen idol) (570x) to each of the contacts. At this point (your chosen idol) has two numbers, but you can ONLY text to the FIRST number ((your chosen idol) performance order number). Do this during the show before the voting starts.

At the end of the show, send the message “vote” to your “My American Idol” contact group. This sends the message to the ten contacts at once. It will take a couple of seconds more than sending a single contact.

Now, resend or forward the same message to your contract group over and over for the next two hours.

Note: I'm not sure if this really works, coz I haven't tried it yet.

Now the big question is was Adam Lambert cheated?


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