Katy Brown CNN iReporter

Presenting one of my favorite iReporters for CNN. I like her views and opinions regarding the Gitmo closing and Obama's pick of a new supreme court judge. Check out her bio and don't forget to watch her videos (whether you agree or not).

My name is Katy Brown. I am originally resides from Charleston, WV but now attending college in Kent, OH. I'm a broadcast student and plan to end up in the Big Apple someday soon. I realize that a lot of people do not agree with me - I do not really shed light upon that....- iReport


Ilya Shapiro: Choice of Sotomayor is based on identity politics, not merit

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Anonymous said...

Hey Katy Brown, Unless you have served in Afganistan or Irag keep your mouth shut! All muslims may not be terorists but all terroists are muslims

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