Neda Iran - Results of a Deadly Clashed during Iran Elections

This is in-fact a bloody election! A video showing of a shot girl named "Neda" during the clash between riot police and Iranian protesters. A 40 second video clip of an Iranian girl, named “Neda,” the Farsi word for voice, allegedly shot dead by a Basij soldier. Neda Iran is one of the hottest term in Google and Yahoo due to the real life video of the crime! Watch Full Neda Iranian Girl killed Video Online - Neda, An iranian girl has been killed by Iranian police by a shot of Sniper rifle. You must be 18+ years of age to be able to watch this video.

More videos in Iran below:

The Iran conflict is far different from what happened during the Edsa Revolution in the Philippines. Instead of stones and molotov bombs protesters gave soldiers flower. The revolution ended peacefully, but the corruption still remains.

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