Elizabeth Lambert of New Mexico Lobos

One of the hottest names in the internet these days are Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Elizabeth Lambert. Wait Elizabeth who? Elizabeth Lambert made her name infamous when a series of youtube videos popped up. The videos show her elbowing and pulling a haire of another female player. For your information, Elizabeth Lambert is a junior soccer player for New Mexico Lobos. Born Elizabeth Ann Lambert on December 29, 1988, she enjoys camping and surfing in her spare time. Her favorite food is tacos, she is majoring in University Studies with a focus on Occupational Therapy.

Before you post your angst and wild comments at her, let me show you some pointers here. First, the reason why she hit the girl in the back because the latter elbowed her right in the middle of her stomach. And yeah that hurts! The second one, although it seems that she's really mean by without question he grabbed her opponent's hair and then pulled her down, sending the girl on the ground crying. But wait, look closely she pulled the girl's hair because she was holding her shorts or whatnot and yes this is a soccer game. It's normal to be very physical.

Elizabeth Lambert is not that so bad after all. What's your thought?

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