Twilight New Moon Video

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The Twilight sequel has far more romance, suspense, action, and awesome special effects. The Twilight Saga's New Moon" itself is an adaptation to Stephenie Meyer's second novel of her "Twilight" series. It will follow Bella when she is left abruptly by Edward. Being unguarded from outside threat and devastated following his departure, Bella is comforted by her growing friendship with Jacob. New Moon added new exciting characters such as Dakota Fanning (mind control freak) and the members of Jacob's lycanthropic Quileute tribe. Coolest one here is that every actor who plays a member of the Quileute tribe is an authentic Native American; they all had to produce documents proving their descent before they were given their roles.

What freaks me out was when Jacob removed his shirt, I bet 70% of he girls inside the cinema have screamed up to their lungs. The guy is ripped but I bet he's no way near my appeal (joke).

The New Moon ending is awesome, to the point I want to scream! Don't fail to watch New Moon!


Eclipse is set for release June 30, 2010!

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