Japanese whaling ship collided with a speed boat in the Antarctic

A video shows that a Japanese whaling ship deliberately rammed the Sea Shepherd's sophisticated speed boat.

"They were stopped dead in the water when the incident occurred," Maclean told The Associated Press of the Ady Gil. He spoke by satellite phone from the ship, the Steve Irwin.

The Ady Gil is a 78-foot (24-meter) black-painted trimaran made of carbon fiber and Kevlar in a design meant to pierce waves. It was built to challenge the record for the quickest circumnavigation of the globe and can travel faster than 46 mph (75 kph).

It's so obvious that the speed boat is idle during the collision, there is no way that ship can hit the boat if it wasn't idling.

"When they realized that the Shonan Maru was aiming right for them, they tried to go into reverse to get the bow out of the way but it was too late. The Shonan Maru made a course correction and plowed directly into the front end of the boat," he said.

Glenn Inwood, a New Zealand-based spokesman for the Institute of Cetacean Research, the Japanese government-linked body that carries out the hunt, disputed Sea Shepherd's account, saying video shot from the whaler showed the conservationists' boat moving toward the whaler just before the collision.

"The Shonan Maru steams to port to avoid a collision. I guess they, the Ady Gil, miscalculated," Inwood told The Associated Press. "Sea Shepherd claims that the Shonan Maru has rammed the Ady Gil and cut it in half — its claim is just not vindicated by the video."

These stupid ignorant whale killers aren't just thinking about killing whales, looks like it doesn't even care about humans anymore. The video shows that these whalers will even kill anyone who dares to stop them. When they rammed the tiny boat, you could see that they really don't care about the people inside, notice the high pressured water canon is still hitting the crew.

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