Las Vegas Courthouse Shootout Video


Two federal personnel were shot, one fatally, Monday in the lobby of a federal courthouse building in Las Vegas, Nevada, federal officials said.

"A deputy U.S. marshal and court security officer were shot at the Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas this morning," said U.S. Marshals spokesman Jeff Carter.

"The gunman was shot by Marshals Service personnel and has been pronounced dead. The deputy U.S. Marshal is in stable condition at a local hospital. Unfortunately, the court security officer succumbed to his wounds and passed away."

Shortly after the incident, a video was posted on YouTube that appeared to capture the scene and the sound outside the courthouse during the shooting. At least 45 gunshots are heard on the video, with many in rapid succession. The video lasts a minute and 13 seconds.

"Shooting outside of a Las Vegas courthouse," a voice says. "Unbelievable."

The video was posted to YouTube by a user with the name NickyFlips, who wrote on the Web site that he had just exited the courthouse after receiving a jury summons.

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