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Worked hard to develop a website? Now looking for a place to host it? Webhosting services give you adequate space and the required bandwidth to jumpstart that dream website you've worked hard to make. These features influence traffic inflow and the time taken to access your website. If you know that your website will reach a lot of people then you need a large storage place else there is a danger of losing prospective clients and revenue. Why use search engines to find a webhost provider when Dreamhost - the exemplary webhost provider offers all these features at the lowest price. This can be clearly understood by comparing dreamhost with any such provider, say for example Bluehost.

Up to $70 Discount/Free Setup/2 Free Lifetime domain name by using code:


1. Save $49 off any plan, monthly, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years, what ever you choose!

2. 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration to any plan! (2 Free domains)

This Dreamhost promo code will give you an instant $49 dollar discount when you register. This includes 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration to any plan signed up for with it! This gives you 2 Free Lifetime domain name (sweeet deal) as long as you are a Dreamhost customer. That is a sweet $70+ discount all in all. Not only you will get huge discounts you will also be hosted on the best web hosting company at the same time Go to DREAMHOST.COM today!

Though Dreamhost and Bluehost offers you with unlimited disk storage and domain hosting, one of the crucial factors (which is important for traffic flow into the site) is bandwidth and Dreamhost offers unlimited monthly bandwidth; bluehost on the other hand does not mention bandwidth of any sort. Database services are crucial for any website as dynamic content gets retrieved from ‎these bulky back-ends. Unlimited databases can be handled in a dreamhost account whilst ‎Bluehost allows you to maintain just about a 100 databases. Definitely, dream host provides exemplary services. A notch above the rest.

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