Firefox and Google Chrome can not connect to internet fixes

Are you experiencing internet connection errors? Your firefox cannot connect to internet and showing unexpected errors? You downloaded the latest version of google chrome and it is still showing blank pages and even you try to hit the refresh button the google chrome cannot connect to internet? The most annoying internet message is when you see this 'firefox can not establish a connection to the server', knowing that your dsl or cable model is functioning properly. These kind of messages show up when our firewall is up or turned on. There are plenty of ways to turn on a firewall, your very own operating system has a free firewall system of its own, there thousands of free and paid downloadable firewall softwares but the most common one is anti virus firewalls.

If you have downloaded an anti virus, you may want to check the 'settings' check to see that the firewall setup isn't blocking your internet, most of the time it won't. Did you upgrade your virus software? Are you using Norton or Mcafee anti virus? Are they updated or recently expired? Most of the time when these high end anti viruses expired the settings still remains, you have to make sure that it's completely removed or uninstalled if you don't have any more plans of renewing it.

The best way to do it is use your internet explorer, I don't really know why but even though firefox and google chrome stopped working your internet explorer will still be able to connect the internet. If you're using Mcafee, go to and if you're using Norton anti virus go here:

Choose your anti virus version and use the executable file to uninstall your Norton or Mcafee antivirus expired software.

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sannysweet said...

firefox cannot connect to internet :solve

just uninstall norton from your pc or laptop.

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