Kim Yu-Na rocks and shocks Olympics 2010

Kim Yu-na is one of the prettiest girls in the Olympics 2010. One of the crowd's favorite, not only that she has to proved herself that her talents is beyond Grand Prix of Ice skating, people of her country and her major sponsors are really expecting her to win this year's biggest competition. Kim's official sponsors are Nike, Kookmin Bank, and Hyundai Motor Company.

Since 2006 prior to the 2010 Olympics Kim Yuna is the best out there. Yu-Na Kim was the last competitor for the evening for the short program for the 2010 Olympics women's figure skating program. She and Yao Asada were highly anticipated for the Olympic program as they have been training for years and have been working night and day for the moment on the ice.

Kim won 2009 world championship.

The South Korean skater delighted fans and judges alike with a playfully sexy and sophisticated James Bond medley Tuesday night in the women's short program, shrugging off the enormous expectations that come with being the biggest favorite since Katarina Witt in 1988. Her score of 78.5 points not only shattered her own world record, it put her almost five points ahead of longtime rival -- and chief threat -- Mao Asada of Japan.

"I had waited a long time for the Olympics," Kim said. "I had ample time to practice and prepare, so I wasn't shaky or nervous just because it was the Olympics. I was able to relax and enjoy the competition."

Kim vaulted into a triple lutz/triple toe combination that put the men to shame. She covered so much ice, with so much speed, she commanded the audience and the judges, long enough for them to watch her do an equally impressive triple flip. There was not one arm movement that didn’t belong; every step was so refined, and her spins were faster then they have been in the past, not only that she also broker her own record.

Kim Yu-Na rocks and shocks Olympics 2010

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KIM YUNA is the best!!!

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