Historic health reform signed by U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Obama signed into law the sweeping bill to overhaul American health care that the House approved in a close vote Sunday night. The signing ceremony, held at 11:15 a.m. ET marked the end of a decades-long battle over creating a system of universal coverage thereby extending health insurance to the more than 30 million Americans who are currently uninsured. The ceremony established the biggest new social program since President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare act into law in 1965, and arguably since the Social Security Act arrived on Franklin Delano Roosevelt's desk in 1935.
Translation: More lazy ass Americans will now go back to sleep. Present and future illegal immigrants will have cosmetic surgeries. Retirees pensions will be cut off to help the bums buy their pills at Walgreens. 2% poor Americans will benefit the new health care reform, and 98% Americans will suffer for higher taxes and insurances. What an excellent day for the lazies and very bad day for the workaholics. Another recession in the making.....excellente!

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