Most devastating single punch in boxing history

I found this question and answer at Yahoo Answers and can't stop myself for sharing it.

1. Louis/Schmeling II, the body shots Joe hit Max with not only broke ribs, but some claim even dislocated spinal vertebra in probably the biggest single fight in boxing history.

2. Luis Firpo sent Jack Dempsey through the ropes with a shot that landed Jack in press row, and they actually helped Jack back through the ropes, another classic Demspey brawl that I think surpasses the beating Jack gave Jess Willard.

3. Marciano's "Suzy Q" put more than Walcott to sleep, and Rock probably should rank higher on this list.

4. The Thomas Hearns right hands that crushed Duran and Cuevas didn't end their, Tommy eventually won 11 world titles in 7 weight classes during his amazing career if you count all the alphabet soup titles he collected and 8 undisputed championships in 6 weight classes.

5. Three of the heavyweight divisions heaviest punchers were Sonny Liston, Big George Foreman and Joe Frazier, but Archie Moore had more KO's than all three combined. Muhammad Ali KOed all four of them.......enough said.

6. Julian Jackson's career reads like a KO highlight reel, from his destruction of Terry Norris and Herol Graham to this KO defeats at the hands of Gerald McClellan, Jackson's whole career was dominated by devastating power punching.

7. In modern times Manny Pacquiao has KOed some true hall of famers, but the punch he nailed Hatton with was as devastating as they come, Manny's this era's most devastating puncher.

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