New Kim Kardashian Sex Scandal on the loose?

Are you looking for the New Kim Kardashian sex video scandal? These videos are now spreading like a wildfire! Many believe that these videos are more intimate than the first video. I just heard this new scandalous video on my favorite radio station this morning. I googled it and viola! Kim Kardashian and Ray-J on fire! I think it's my PC that's on fire, when I watched the sex video, I was like HOLY PIECE OF CRAP! It's just another publicity stunt. There are some rumors that Kim Kardashian is following the standard protocol for all celebs who leak a sex tape by filing a legal claim to prevent the release of the sex tape featuring herself and ex-beau Ray J.

Another video scandal that was said released today is Mindy McCready. Mindy McCready is threatening to pursue legal action against Vivid Entertainment if they release the video tape featuring her and a boyfriend. The country singer's sex video will soon be released by Vivid Entertainment.


Anonymous said...

The tape is what it is. You can`t point a finger and talk shit about her, when he was in it too. And it may be that she did this on purpose, but if thats what she wants to be known for, that should be up to her. Paris Hilton made a sextape with a white dude, just to say that not only black guys pull this stunt as some people suggests... As for the rest of the discutions; I`m just sitting here in complete shock....the way most of you talk about race is just scary to me. I come from Norway, and shure we have racist there too but I`ve never heard anything like this! So many people pointing fingers and calling eachother names. And I don`t understand the way you all talk about racism, cuz you say it like it can only go one way; and thats white people beeing racist against black. Well, I see it as something that goes both ways, and either way it disgusts me!!! I don`t see why black people judge white on what happened during the period of slavery, it`s not the ones that lives NOW that did it....and the way white people always asume that if something bad happend, there was a black guy that did it. GET OVER IT!!!!! If everyone keeps this up, we`ll never get along!!!! And I just want to say that I`ve lived many places in the world. In my eyes black and white people are both equally big,small,scared,brave,slutty,gold diggers and whatever more you would like to the end it should depend on how you live your life, NOT your skin color.

Anonymous said...

THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO BLACK MEN and you can hate all you want but that the truth .. we are confident we dont give a shit what people think of us thas whay there are still millions of black people in america even with the racist cock suckers over there.. think about is if your racist in your household and your kids know about it your doughter will start to wonder.. your putting black folks on a pedastull you dick heads thats why white girls love black men.............. and besides kim kardashian aint white anyways so i dont get you getting pissed..... PS ASK YOUR WIVES WHO THEY THINK A BOUT WHEN THEY ARE FUCKING YOU BLACK MAN OR UR COCK SUKING SELF.

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