Swami Nityananda and Ranjitha Scandal Video

Swami Nityananda and Ranjitha Scandal Video

The latest scandal in the web is not the Filipina celebrity Anne Curtis. Swami Nityananda and Ranjitha Scandal Video of India is the most searched - googled names today. Nityananda deceitful works had been unveiled. As Swami Nityananda, a saint’s pervert activities has been caught up in the camera, the time he was indulged in sexual activity with some unknown actress from Tamil film industry.

An ashram is a religious hermitage. Additionally, today the term ashram often denotes a locus of Indian cultural activity such as yoga, music study or religious instruction, the moral equivalent of a studio or dojo. The ashram authority claims that Nithyananda‘s video is fake and stressed that it is a graphically manipulated video for defaming the religious guru. However, some of the devotees share a different opinion. One devotee who stayed in the ashram for three months said that actress Ranjitha and Swami Nithyananda were always seen together. However, the actress is still silent and and has not given any statement til now. Popular Tamil Actress Ranjitha is suspected to be involved in the sex scandal issue with Swami Nithyananda.

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