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MUO is another free App for iPad and has several articles on the free notebook application, Evernote. Not only can you get a free Evernote account, but the iPad app is also free. It take full advantage of the iPad screen real estate in which all your notebooks are displayed in icon form.
When you click on a notebook, you get a really nice icon view of your individual notes and documents in the selected notebook, with selected content displayed underneath. I could write an entire article about this app, but suffice to say, the design is just great.

Apple’s iBook

If you’re looking forward to reading e-books on the iPad, you will want to download of course Apple‘s iBooks application. I haven’t had a chance to read an entire book using the application, but based on reading a few pages from a sample book I downloaded from the iBooks store, the experience is pretty much like reading on the Kindle for the iPhone, but with a larger screen.
Apple has thrown some impressive eye-candy into its e-reader that resembles reading a paper book. Personally, I’m glad I put off buying the Kindle and waiting instead for the iPad. If you’re a dedicated Kindle customer, the Kindle for the iPad is equal to the iBook, for highlighting and bookmarking text and pages, though the iBook has search capabilities absent in the Kindle iPad app.
I’m simply loving Twitterific for the iPad, even with its unobtrusive ads. The developers also take full advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate. In horizontal view, you get every feature of the app available to you in on a single screen. In vertical view, you simply click on your account name and a menu bar pops out to access Twitter features. Twitterific is a really cool free app for iPad.

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