Mosley vs Mayweather who r u picking?

The talk around the MGM Grand hotel Wednesday was about new pay-per-view records and many more millions for Money Mayweather. The fact that it came mostly from fight promoters wasn’t terribly surprising, but it did mean that the hype for boxing’s latest big fight had officially begun.

Whether Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shane Mosley prove to be the kind of attraction that Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao would have been is doubtful, no matter how hard promoters try to convince everyone otherwise. Still, it’s Mayweather against a quality opponent, and that by itself should be enough to convince a lot of people to shell out $59.95 to watch it at home Saturday night.

The last time Mayweather fought, more than 1 million people did just that, and Juan Manuel Marquez wasn’t exactly what oddsmakers in this gambling city call a live dog. Mosley is that and more, despite being a 4-1 underdog in the sports books to a fighter who has never lost. - Y!

Here's what I can say about you Mr. Tim Dahlberg - go home and just watch WWE! Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not an attraction, he maybe zero loss because but that is because his opponents are like vegetables. You could actually count his legitimate wins. FYI Oscar Dela Hoya is the main attraction and he was robbed of the victory when they fought. Dela Hoya - Mayweather Jr. should have a rematch (claused in the contract) but because of Floyd's cowardliness he retired and cried like a baby during the presscon. Guess what he came back from retirement and still boasting as the best boxer. When he fought a bloated Juan Manuel Marquez he added 2 more lbs. to secure a win. The best boxer, huh?

The Dream Match De La Hoya Vs PacquiaoThe Dream Match De La Hoya Vs Pacquiao dvd only 19.99

Pacquiao demolished and sent Oscar Dela Hoya into retirement. 

FirepowerFirepower dvd only 19.99 

Pacquiao vs Hatton DVDPacquiao vs Hatton DVD

Ricky Hatton was dropped 2 times during the 1st round and knocked out cold on the 2nd round.

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