Mosley vs Mayweather: Are you satisfied?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Shane Mosley entitled Who r u picking?, is one of the biggest boxing bout this year. Mosley - Mayweather should have happened a decade ago, after tons of alibis the two best boxers of the United States have finally faced off. Winner - Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This fight is one of the most expensive in terms of PPV ($55) The fight is available on selected cinemas, almost all casinos, and on HBO PPV. Shane Mosley is a boxing veteran he's known for his speed and power. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is known for his sleek style, dodging, back pedaling, accurate puncher and the best counter puncher.

Many boxing analysts and millions of boxing fans believe that Mosley is just too old for Mayweather. This fight should have happened 10 years ago. Many believed that Mayweather accepted this fight because he had no choice but to fight Mosley and negotiations with Manny Pacquiao broke down over Mayweather’s drug-testing demands. Pacquiao is the current pound for pound king.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. showed tonight that he's style is something to beat and he's actually the man to beat inside and outside the ring. Did you watch the fight thru PPV? Are you satisfied or you get bored to death?


Here's a fight replay download link

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