Destructive Force of Manny Pacquiao

Boxing is not about killing each other - Manny Pacquiao

"He's the best fighter in the world," said Robert Garcia, Margarito's trainer. "He's just too fast. We couldn't get him into the ropes to hit him with clean shots."

No one dodges a punch like Mayweather. And the best way to slip Pacquiao’s blinding combination is to keep finding a way to stay out of the ring. - Dan Wetzel/Yahoo Sports

A.J. Liebling wrote, "The span between the top limit of one weight class and the next represents the margin that history has proved is almost impossible to overcome." Eight times Pacquiao has cheated this conventional wisdom, racing up the scales like nobody else in boxing history. Eight titles, eight divisions. And yet, fistic shorthand has never felt so hollow. The myth of the Pambansang Kamao -- or National Fist -- means so much more.


Pinoy said...

The Greatest!

Anonymous said...

Living legend of boxing!

Anonymous said...

Greatest boxer of all time.

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