Family Guy - Floyd Wetherton

 MAYWEATHER SR: Well you know I’ll be honest with you. The game is not looking up at all and I would advise my son, if he chooses not to fight anymore he’s got enough money to live the rest of his life. Leave the game alone. It ain’t worth it. You already proved yourself. He’s a Hall of Famer. There ain’t nothing left boxing can do for you, anyway. So it’s about money. If you take a chance with your life for money, hey! Look, it’s only you at the end of the day. You don’t have to take chances like that. It’s just like if he was standing out on, what are those things? When you walk across? When a guy Is working construction? When guys are working construction and they walk across those things that keep it up? The things that are coming down there and holding it up? I’m just telling you that these are the types of chances that you’re taking. So you ain’t got to walk the small line and be on a pole vault and all this. He ain’t got to do all that. Quit! Leave the game alone! You already made your mark in the game. You showed people who you are. Everybody knows Mayweather. There ain’t nothing to tell. Everybody knows Pacquiao. Everybody knows Mayweather. They’re going to continue to know Mayweather. They’re going to remember Mayweather from the one who was scared of Pacquiao. That’s just alright. You know what? You ain’t going to be no further than him at the end of the day. The only thing is he’s going to break down real fast at the end of the day for being that man. Pacquiao’s done things he shouldn’t be pecking on. So that’s why the Pac-Man when he quits, guess what? That kind of stuff happens when you’re pecking on things you have no business pecking on. So you got that right.

MAYWEATHER SR: Well he ain’t going to hit him like that. Floyd ain’t no stand up fighter like this guy. That guy was there to be hit. He was there to be hit. You can’t miss it. You can’t miss it. Not that many months ago, Shane stopped him. Every punch Shane had thrown hit him. Me myself personally, if they had the fight I’d tell my son not to fight him! Not because my son can’t beat him, because my son could beat him easy.

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Father: Son, you have an upcoming fight, we'll make $40-50M here

Son: Sounds good Dad, everything points to me 'MONEY!'

Father: Team Pacquiao finally agreed to all your demands and guess what they even agreed with the 60/40 split just to get the things done.

Son: SAY WHAT!!!

Father: Yes, you heard me. Let's beat this midget up!!! So you going to fight him right?

Son: NOPE!! HELL NO!!!

All I can say is hahaha and more hahaha

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