Is Floyd Mayweather Sr. playing the bad guy in the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight mishap

A recent interview on Floyd Mayweather Sr. he stated that unless his son Floyd Mayweather Jr. knows it's an even playing field, then it's not worth it.

They got people thinking that Pacquiao done agreed to everything, and he may have agreed to all the testing, but he keeps talking about this cutoff date...Lil Floyd is clean and he will take all of them tests. See, people gotta understand that my job as a father is to protect my kids; it's no different than their job as a father. The fans only want to see a fight. They don't give a damn if Lil Floyd gets killed in the ring. Ask the fans how many of them have donated to the Leavander Johnson Foundation. I'm not saying the guy that gave him the beating was on something, but the point I'm trying to make is that the fans don't care about you once the fight is over...I trained one guy whose opponent got caught cheating after the fight. Oscar De La Hoya fought Shane Mosley, who later admitted he was on something, and Fernando Vargas got caught afterwards, but guess what? If Oscar would have gotten killed in one of those fights, it's too late then. - Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Manny Pacquiao have fought numerously in Las Vegas and in Texas and came out steroid free like a baby. The funny thing about this classless trainer is that he is accusing Pacquiao without basis, so now his pathetic son even his brother Roger Mayweather had jumped in to the bandwagon urging moronic boxing wannabes to believe that the current boxing pound for pound king is using steroid. Floyd Mayweather Jr. have fought 41 professional fights without any losses and take note on this "without asking any of his opponents to undergo for Olympic Style Drug Testing, even Ricky Hatton and Oscar Dela Hoya".

This family of boxers -The Mayweathers' is watching too much of Pacquiao fights, now FEAR of getting their only cash cow knockout is haunting them even into their dreams. Hilarious and ridiculously funny!

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