Is Teddy Atlas, Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s speaker of the house

Teddy Atlas is widely known as one of the best boxing analyst in the sport. His credentials were questioned when he added some fuel to the speculation that Pacquiao is using performance enhacing drugs by citing a source familiar with the negotiations who had viewed e-mails sent from Pacquiao's representatives to Mayweather's team. Other analysts have raised their eyebrows since Atlas is living by mere speculations and he couldn't even name the source of his email.

Now, the video above shows clearly that he sides with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Olympic drug testing is never done in boxing, because of the redundant blood draws the fighters gonna take before the fight. The funny thing about this is that, Atlas and the Mayweather group of boxers knew that this kind of testing was never done anywhere else even in Nevada. Floyd Mayweather Jr. have fought all washed out fighters except Ricky Hatton and Oscar Dela Hoya (robbed of victory) and got a defeatless record of 41 - 0 without asking any of his opponents to take the not necessary drug testing. Manny Pacquiao is destroying, better say reconstructuring all his opponents face every fight since he moved up to the higher weight class.

The steroid accusations started when Manny Pacquiao demolished Ricky Hatton of Britain in just two rounds. Hatton's trainer is Floyd Mayweather Sr. who thought his guy can beat up Manny Pacquiao, because of the fact that his son defeated Hatton in 10 rounds with a KO. There is no better fight out there for Floyd Jr. except a Pacquiao fight but spite of that the accusations continue and the Junior fought washed up fighter like Shane Mosley and a puffed up boxer Juan Manuel Marquez.  Mayweather misses the weight limit having 146 pounds which is 2 pounds heavier than the agreed weight limit of 144 lbs. Juan Manuel Marquez is a 135lb fighter, it was the first time he tried to fight on the higher limit yet Floyd Jr. put more 2 lbs on his weight.

To Floyd Mayweather Jr. and idiot followers especially Mr. Atlas

The boxing world know you're scared, just shut up your ass and just live in the Pacquiao world. It woud be safer for Mayweather to dodge Pacquiao and retire.


Pinoy said...

Teddy Atlas is taking drugs!

Anonymous said...

atlas you're a fucking idiot!!!

Anonymous said...

Teddy, shut your pie hole you ugly racist fuck.

Anonymous said...

Teddy Atlas is nothing but a big time loser.He is biased, talk too much ( like his coward idol Mayweather )and has an ugly face. ESPN should ban or fire him for giving lousy predictions in boxing.

Anonymous said...

I heard Teddy Atlas's scarface happened when he attempted to somebody's c..ock without permission.

Anonymous said...

Teddy Atlas loves Mayweather Jr. very much. Too much Love makes you dumb. that's why his prediction is very lousy. hahahhahahhah

Anonymous said...

Teddy Atlas is an idiot.
15 years he has never failed a drug test.

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