Spark Your Dream: Candelaria & Herman Zapp family story

Spark Your DreamCandelaria and Herman Zapp are the kind of people with whom one can identify. They have dreams, loves, and fears that everyone has, and with no more possibilities than you to embark in the adventure of completing their dream. They both grew up in the country, among ponies and cousins. At eight and ten years of age they met and the impossible love that they felt at that time grew and became a reality when she was 14. During another 10 years they dated and grew up together with a dream accompanying them. But after six years of marriage, they took their first steps pushed by their desire to have children. They said, "First let's complete our dream, when we'll have children" and it couldn't have been better way: their first son arrived together with the dream, one dream inside another.
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Atrapa Tu Sueno (Spanish Edition) -$16.24

Comments from buyers at Amazon:

Well, I, too, met the Zapps - on Highway 101 North in Marin County, California. I literally ran them off the road, because my husband is from Buenos Aires and I wanted to find out who these crazy Argentines were driving 35 MPH in an ancient car on a super-fast highway. They were amazing: friendly, funny, excited, and so relaxed, considering what they were accomplishing. Since then, my husband has visited them at their home in Argentina, and we have kept in touch with them as they ready themselves for their Asia tour (they are currently in Washington, and Candi is pregnant - again! - on the road). This book goes into harrowing - and, oftentimes, hilarious - detail of their first trip. Its voice is true to the Zapps' personality and outlook on life. I never read the original Spanish-language version, so I cannot compare it to this one. All I can say is, my husband read it in Spanish and I read in English, and we enjoyed it equally. It carries you away to your own dreams.

We can learn a lot from Cande and Herman's way of looking at life and always meeting the world with an open heart and faith -they trust in the good in people and people around the world respond with compassion and love, eager to help them, no matter the walk of life be it the poorest peon in Peru or the richest businessman in USA. An important message that makes this world a better world. In our family we want to nominate the Zapps to the Nobel's Peace Price. Thank you for sharing this book with the world!
Anne and Hugh

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