Is China's latest J-20 stealth jet fighter the future U.S. F22 killer?

Leaked photo of the J20 Chinese stealth fighter jet

According to WSJ, the information the hackers obtained could aid potential attackers in defending themselves against the fighter jet, which is capable of dodging existing aircraft detection systems.
The hack was allegedly initiated from China, though to date no one has been able to irrefutably prove Chinese involvement. At this point, the Chinese government has denied involvement in the latest intrusions. - APC MAG

The new stealth fighter jet, known as the J-20, isn't supposed to be operational until at least 2017, but a Chinese air force commander told Chinese TV in 2009 that flight testing would begin much sooner. Stealth jets, such as the United States' F-22, are designed to evade detection by radar and anti-aircraft defenses.

Could the new stealth jet fighter of China pave the way for global domination? Thanks to Walmart and other US superstores for helping China upgrades its military arsenal.

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