Why 'Jersey Shore' is a huge hit

'Jersey Shore' has what people want 

What are the two big drivers of human drama throughout the history of entertainment? Romance and conflict. Well, guess what, Shakespeare fans? That's all "Jersey Shore" is!

The show isn't about solving crimes, healing patients, winning a competition any other form of "work" that populates most TV shows. Despite a few dull scenes in a T-shirt shop, "Jersey Shore" is about sex and fighting, distilling drama to its raw core.

Just answering this question from CNN/EW.com

Jersey Shore is a big hit coz American Culture is turning into a nightmare. IMHO, this show is the dumbest of all the dumbest, I believe this is dumber than the Kardashians reality show. Let's just say that 9 million followers of this show are just as dumb as the actors and actresses in it. Who in the normal world wants to be called as 'The Situation'? Snooki is hawt? C'mon kids, finish your highschool and stop watching stupid tv series.

"Frightening. I fear for the future of our nation."
-- "Oh look, another sign of the Apocalypse."
-- "This makes me sad."
-- "There you go, 8.6 million reasons why abortion should exist."
These comments from EW.com readers are familiar to anybody who follows "Jersey Shore" online.

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