US Stealth H-60 Black Hawk Helicopter

A picture of the tail rotor of the chopper that the Navy Seals' Team Six detonated revealed unfamiliar features. Reports say it could be a new, secret helicopter.

When the Team Six members reached Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad one of the choppers made a "controlled but hard landing," according to reports, probably due to higher than expected temperatures.

Temperature affects the density of the air, and low density makes it harder for the rotor to sustain the weight of the chopper, especially if it was near its maximum weight (being packed with soldiers and fuel to fly in from Afghanistan). Abbottabad is about 1200 meters above the sea level, and altitude also affects air density. - TIME

Stealthy chopper destroyed at the site where Osama bin laden was killed is now buzzing like crazy all over the mainstream media. The funny thing is that the US Media started all of this 'Hey LOOK we have a secret to tell' kind of stuff. American media loves sharing the U.S. secrets to the world! Amazingly stupid!

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