Top Waste of Time reality shows in the U.S.

Keeping up with the Kardashians - This show is full of themselves and don't expect another sex tape scandal soon. Last year they make $65Million dollars because of you idiots who keep on watching this show. Kim K. says thank you!

Jersey Shore - This is the type of show that has no sense at all. The short chick makes $30,000 per episode and counting. It's good to be blonde-hispanic LOL!

Thanks for this stupid show, if you go to Youtube and type in '16 and Pregnant' more and more teenies are getting pregnant everyday. They say this show helps to stop teen pregnancy -- YEAH Right!

From other sources:

How You Get So Rich---Who really cares. I want to know if these people are scamming the government on their taxes

The Cougar---Some slutty reject who can't get a date in her own hometown because everyone knows she is a slut

She's Got The Look---What a joke !!!!

How to look Good Naked---This Pressley jerk is so gay he won't sleep with women so he gets his jollys watching them prance around in their underwear

Operation Repo - Simply pathetic scripted show

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