Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz KO video replay

Watch an accidental headbutt and an automatic point deduction, and that should be given a warning except of course the ref is a dummie. It was obvious Ortiz was charging and trying to reach because Floyd was elusive. It seems intentional but I doubt it was.

Then, the great Joe Cortez have his fighters get ready while talking to somebody off the ring. Like Dana White tweeted, fighters should be called from their corners at the same time setting the time. Not have the boxers touch gloves then look outside the ring and call to start the time. What a fool! This bald dude just pissing me off, he messed up a lot of good fights already.

If you pay for this stupid Mayweather ppv bout....hope you all learned a lesson tonight.

Check out this idiot, still smiling even though he was sucker punched. What a fukin quitter!

Ortiz is still happy with the lost and a $2.5Million paycheck....no more career in boxing though

....Let's say Ortiz intentionally headbutted Mayweather BUT look at this video below, oh SAME referee Mr Joe Cortez! Why was Joe not deducting a point? Smell rotten fish here!

Here is a guy proud of beating the ex-sparring partner of Manny Pacquiao.

Hit the link if you want to know why Pacquiao - Mayweather will never happen...

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Anonymous said...

scripted fight or just dumb referee....greatest boxer ever will fight an opponent showing class

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