Sign California is in deep shit

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My wife got a fix-it ticket for driving with busted tail lights, what's annoying is that those darn lights were fully functional days before she get pulled over (It's ok that's completely our fault). Anyway, that same day a friend of mine just told me that highway patrols are on high alert during Christmas and New Years eve. Viola! My phone rang and it was my wife happily told me that she got a freaking ticket, and that the officer said she shouldn't worry because that would only cost her $20 - $25 bucks. BTW we fix the tail light the very same day.

Fix-it ticket automatically cost us $25 just for an officer to sign the ticket to make sure we fix the tail light -Check!  Surprisingly, after 3 weeks we finally received the courtesy notice from the court with a price tag of $195.00 I mean WTF! This is California! You'll see tons of cars with broken windshields, busted headlights, busted tail lights, tinted windows, high amps headlights etc. etc. I bet 1 out of 200 violators would only get a ticket.

$220 price tag for a pair of busted tail lights is just ridiculous, PLUS the fact that our car have an independent brake light in the middle is just dumbfounding!

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