KONY 2012 vs Machine Gun Preacher

Is it a fraud? Cyndi asks Is it for real, or opportunistic? Read her opinion here.

According to Welsh Andy

Of the money that gets made by Invisible Children only 31% goes on their charity work and the rest on film making, though the charity has never been audited so we assume. But this 31% of your money, that you either directly give to them or help them raise through sharing their video, goes on things like funding Uganda’s military and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both forces have been associated with despicable acts such as using rape as a weapon of war.
 THE REAL DEAL is the Machine Gun Preacher

Sam Childers, also known as the "Machine Gun Preacher," is the founder of Angels of East Africa. His organization finds displaced children and orphans from war-torn regions in South Sudan and Uganda. Find out how Sam Childers changed his life, in order to change the lives of thousands of children in Africa.

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