LG Optimus T Error

My LG Optimus T from T-mobile sucks! Out of warranty and this stupid phone just keep freezing. Here's my funny conversation with an T-Mobile and LG online tech support:

T-Mobile tech support chat (I didn't copy the whole convo but he gave me LG's tech support number but instead I used their online chat)

_Nickolas D: You have to contact LG tech support
Johnny360:  i see, can they remotely connect to this phone LOL im just kidding
Johnny360:  Anyway, do you think I can give this to the store and they can send it to the manufacturer for repair?
Johnny360:  I dont think the tech support would be able to fix this, me and them will just waste our time to fix this cheap phone haha
_Nickolas D:  Yes othere wise to save some time you can contact lg and see if they are able to do this.
John Auriada:  oh ic
_Nickolas D:  1-800-793-8896

LG Tech Support chat:

michelle: Hello Guest. Welcome to LG Electronics U.S.A. Support only. How may I provide you with excellent service today?
Guest: hi my LG Optimus T i got from T-mobile is frozen
michelle: Hello, I'll be more than glad to assist you today!
Guest: this is the 2nd this happened to me with the same brand and model, unfortunately this one is out of warranty
michelle: Oh, I'm really sorry about that.
michelle: As a regular troubleshooting step, did you tried with the phone on, then take out the battery, leave it out for a couple of seconds, put it back in and turn it back on. Just to make a refresh on it.
Guest: yes
Guest: for 3 days straight
Guest: it freezes when the LG logo shows up
michelle: Ok, I see. As the last troubleshooting step that we can try would be resetting the whole device, but all information would be erased.
michelle: Unfortunately.
Guest: it's ok let's try if we can reset it I took out my memory card already
michelle: Alright, first power off the phone.
Guest: it's off I removed the battery coz it's the only way to turn it off
michelle: Alright no problem, please do.
michelle: Once you take out the battery put it back in.
Guest: ok
michelle: Once the phone is off. Press and hold the following keys at the same time for 10 seconds: Power Key + Home Key + Down Volume Key.
michelle: Until it turns back On, when the LG logo appears, release all the keys.
michelle: Tell me if there's any difference once you try this please.
Guest: it just give me 2 blinking splash then it freezes right there
Guest: then I have to remove the battery once again to turn it off
michelle: Still the same then, sorry for that.
michelle: When did you purchased this device?
Guest: This is actually part of a contract with t-mobile
Guest: the 1st one showed up the same error so they replaced it
Guest: now it happened again
Guest: and I'm out of warranty
michelle: I'm really sorry.
michelle: I can understand how frustrating this may be for you.
michelle: The most that we can offer in order to repair this unit would be warranty service.
michelle: The warranty that we offer is valid for 12 months with the copy of the receipt and it covers all manufacturer defects, no liquid, physical or cosmetic damages, otherwise charges may apply for the repair. You'll need to send the phone in, the process takes 5-7bussiness days, and the only cost you need to cover would be shipping and handling by sending the phone in, and we cover the payment for the shipping back with Fedex.
michelle: If it is out of warranty you can still send the phone in. Once we received the unit, we will inspect it, depending on the conditions we will call you and let you know how much would be the repair cost.
Guest: this is out of warranty from t-mobile but this new phone wasn't even in my possession for 4 months I guess
michelle: Well, if the unit is out of warranty you can still send it, but fees may apply.
Guest: I believe this is a common error on this model since this is my 2nd one already. Can you tell me how much is the usual cost for repair for this kind of errors
michelle: Sorry once again. I just checked the last report that we received and this phone is not listed as if there's any recall or known issue on phone as freezing all the time.
michelle: The prices varies depending on the condition it could go from 40 up to a 100 dollars.
Guest: LOL you know the price of this phone is only $129 right now right sorry for the laughter
michelle: I am sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused.
Guest: and when you google this error it's all over the WWW
michelle: Don't worry that's ok.
michelle: I'm sorry, since this is the only option that we have here.
michelle: Have you tried taking it to a local T-Mobile store for an evaluation?
Guest: Yup and online tech as well
michelle: And there's nothing that they can do then.
Guest: yup
michelle: I'm sorry once again. I wish I could tell you something different, but this is the only option that we have.
Guest: it's ok thank you for your time and honesty
michelle: You are very welcome! Thank you for choosing LG Electronics, enjoy the rest of your day and take care!

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lg optimus tracking said...

Thanks for the assistance. I have my lg for a couple of months, but this is the first time i encounter such a problem. Also tried reboot, pull battery and reboot, kill apps etc. In vain

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