The Trayvon Martin Controversy

Trayvon's Tweets the Daily Caller

 First it was the hoodie. Now photographs used in the media's coverage of the Trayvon Martin killing are the subject of widespread debate, as supporters of both the slain 17-year-old African-American and the shooter, George Zimmerman, say selectivity by some news outlets in which photos they use is proof of bias. "Since the controversy began," Jeff Weiner wrote in the Orlando Sentinel, "some bloggers and many website commenters have questioned why the primary images of Trayvon in the media have shown him younger than he was when he was killed at age 17." The initial image of Martin—released by his family and widely used by media outlets covering the racially charged case—appears to show him at a younger age. On Wednesday, the website Business Insider came under fire for posting a pair of what it claimed were more recent photos of Martin. The site later removed the photos after it was revealed that one, taken from a neo-Nazi website, was not Martin. Continue on Yahoo

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