Pacquiao KOed but why Marquez caught stepping on Pacquiao's foot again?

Pacquiao - Marquez 3 is one of the most controversial fights because of redundant accusations coming from the fans from both teams. The most famous is Marquez strategy of foot stepping, stomping, stopping,  or whatever you want to call it. Although this is pretty common everytime an orthodox and a southpaw boxer meet in the ring. Boxing fans and wannabes made an elaborate video on how Marquez foot stopped Marquez.

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Pacquiao - Marquez 4 is a different story, Pacquiao's 6th round KO shook the boxing world and the boom was heard across the sports betting world. Many thought Marquez would go down on the 7th round but 1 second before round 6 expires, the pound for pound king got KTFO.


Manny Pacquiao got KO because Juan Manuel Marquez stepped on Manny Pacquiao's foot. Obviously the cheat works this time. Many would say it's a clean punch, a lucky punch, or whatnot. But one thing is for sure, it paid off big time finally .


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Anonymous said...

I'm a huge pacquiao fan but cmon guys.. watch the video in slow motion you'll notice 2 things

1) he did not step on his foot, their feet collided because marquez stepped to the side as pacquiao was stepping forward.. if anything pacquiao stepped on marquez foot lol

2) its pacquiao's own mistake, what professional boxer with actual RING IQ does that with 1 second left hands down completely careless against a counter puncher.. he literally just jumped forward like a retard

now, that being said.. i still think somethings fishy about it. i just don't see someone like pacquiao being THAT stupid its like it was all planned out.. watch the last 10 seconds in slow mo.. pac was doing fine dodging every punch, had his guard up.. then last 4 seconds it looks almost like something that had been rehearsed before..

i'm probably just over thinking the whole situation but it still boggles my mind how pac could make such a brutal mistake..

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James Park said...

It was a Pacquiao mistake but a footstep is inexcusable.

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