The Candy Crush Famous Cheat

The new game Candy Crush Saga is a very addicting game! LOL! Do not quit! NEVER quit because you ran out of lives. This famous cheat will help you beat the clock for Candy Crush.
The simple trick is putting the clock on your phone forward! This tricks the game into thinking that it waited the three hours your set it ahead to, and will allow you to play again!
Don't worry, I thought this isn't gonna work when I first tried it! This ain'y magic and is 101% working!
First you have to exit out of Candy Crush app, and go into your settings. There will be a date/time setting or a clock setting. Click it then switch your device off of the “Set Automatically” setting for the date and time, then change the clock to a few hours forward. Now exit out of your settings. Go into your Candy Crush app. Your lives will be restored thanks to this Candy Crush cheat!
Now your clock is all messed up… After you exited your settings and opened your Candy Crush app, you need to start the game. Now you need to exit the game. Once you start then exit the game, go back into your settings and change it to the correct time, or put it back to “Set Automatically”! Because you already started the candy crush game after your tricked your phone into thinking the time was later, your lives are still restored! And your phone clock is back to normal.
The process will take you less than a minute, and will save you thirty! Not to mention you get to keep playing the game! Who says you have to wait the full thirty minutes for your lives to be restored? This is the best Candy Crush Saga cheat out there! 

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