Surge of 5000 Haitian, African and Asian migrants on their way to the U.S.

Mexican immigration authorities said Saturday they have been hit by a surge of almost 5,000 Haitian, African and Asian migrants entering by the southern border in just a few days.
Recent experience suggests the 4,749 migrants entering through Mexico's Tapachula immigration center on the Guatemalan border will soon try to reach the California border, with many expected to apply for asylum.
Mexico's National Immigration Institute said the migrants entered the country between Sept. 21 and 23. It did not break them down according to country of origin, but recent trends suggest the majority are likely from Haiti.
That would mark a huge increase over the number seen so far this year. The institute said a total of 7,800 Haitian migrants entered Mexico through Guatemala between Jan. 1 and Sept. 21, as well as 1,701 migrants from Africa and 3,753 from various Asian. - Foxnews
Wait what? There's no job waiting for them in the United States, to make matters worse, Trump will probably win this election. It's sad that millions of people wanted to live in the U.S., what they didn't know is to get a job in the country is super tough. Good luck to them and hopefully they get a nice job and won't end up as benefits hugger.

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